new JMLA

I got the new issue of JMLA in the mail today, and lo and behold, it’s online now, too. I had gotten sick of checking PubMed Central every day for it (I tried creating an RSS feed to let me know when the page gets updated, but PMC apparently blocks sites from doing that–does anyone know if stuff gets posted to the PMC citation database immediately when content is put in its archives?).

Aside from my general enthusiasm for this particular issue, I was thrilled to see that DOI’s are present on each article. I’d often wondered why you have to submit articles to JMLA with DOI’s for all bibliography items when JMLA itself didn’t use DOI’s–but now they have them!

I think there are some great changes going on with JMLA now: e-content and e-articles, DOI’s, the Cases blog, etc. But, I must say, I really miss the bibliography format with the small caps in author names. I had created a nice EndNote style for it and everything, and was rather shocked that it all of a sudden disappeared. It was definitely a pain, but looked really classy.

Oh, and JMLA, don’t get rid of the print version. I like reading it on the bus. 🙂


One response to “new JMLA

  1. Heh, I just found this post. As my director/boss is the current editor, and I’m doing editorial assistant stuff for the journal, I wanted to say thanks for your notice/appreciation of the changes. 🙂

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