I’ve been playing with Twitter over the past couple months, and since it didn’t crash on me today, I decided to send all my RSS feeds (blog, blog comments, and to Twitter using RSS2Twitter. It’s at I haven’t tested it yet, so who knows, it may not work in the least. I plan to use Twitter for conference updates at MLA starting next week (or a combo of Twitter and blog), so I am going to try to figure out if there is a way to do this in reverse–i.e., to post Twitter to my blog.  I could of course do it as an RSS widget, but that seems less than optimal.


2 responses to “twitter

  1. Excuse the blatant self promotion, but since you say that rss2twitter doesn’t work, would you like to try our Let me know if you find any problems with that..


  2. Twitter was misbehaving in general, so not sure if that was the issue? Anyway, I will try it if I get around to having an open ID. Thanks!

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