Anyone who teaches Google or uses Google extensively might want to check out the Search Engine Land post, Google 2.0: Google Universal Search.

Apparently, Google has already begun implementing some SearchMash-like properties into Google proper, including in-search-result video playing and easier switching between vertical searches. Even better, what existed as OneBox results before are incorporated into the regular search results.

I’m most excited about the video implications (Google Video will still just be for Google Videos and YouTube, but the regular search engine will have videos from other locations!  It’s just the YouTube and Google Video ones that will play from the search, though.

This has huge implications for teaching Google.  I’m really quite glad that I gave myself a multiple month break from teaching it, because I think I may need to redo large parts of my curriculum.  For one thing, the local search aspects are completely different–since they dropped the business phonebook search, it’s been annoying as is, but now the local results may be pushed down even further.  I need to explore this more to see if there are good ways to force local results.

iGoogle is another new product that I need to integrate more into my classes.  I have begun thinking that I need to teach a second Google class where I pick up some of the stuff I don’t get to cover in my regular class; Books, Blogs, Patents, and iGoogle are a couple I don’t touch on beyond mentioning.  (I do demo the personalized home page, but I’d like to get more into the implications of Web History and Search History, as well as bookmarks and so on.)


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