The Annoyed Librarian has a name for technology bloggers: omnibores.  This is of course a derivative of the Pew technology quiz results where practically every library blogger declared themselves Omnivores, except for Walt and Dorothea, who both clocked in as Lackluster Veterans.  Well, I didn’t want to get into this meme in particular, but the Annoyed Librarian’s recent post touching on this topic interested me.  Basically, the premise is that social software is annoying because being interrupted by “hapless librarians” is annoying.

Considering as how interested in social software I am (obviously being my particular addiction), I was rather surprised to see that I came in as Connected, but Hassled in the Pew quiz.   I don’t carry a cell phone, I don’t have a BlackBerry, I am too cheap to buy new toys and gadgets, and I don’t answer my phone half the time at home.  I like not always being connected.  Nevertheless, I am one of those bloggers who gush about how the blogosphere connects me to librarians who help me if I need it.  🙂


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