first MLA update

I’ve already heard a number of things of interest today at MLA.  First of all, incoming president of MLA, Mark Funk, is establishing a Task Force on Social Networking (I think he really means a Task Force on Social Software, as he didn’t mention social networking as a potential tool–just blogs, wikis, and RSS).  I am intrigued, particularly as to the members that will be chosen for this task.  Will it be board members?  Members of MLA?  People with experience with this stuff?

Secondly, and I knew about this indirectly already, but the special theme program on Wednesday at MLA 2008 will be Library 2.0.  They are planning to have a panel, one or more speakers, and potentially some hands-on work.  I know of one person who has been asked to be a speaker already, so I know that this could turn out to be a great program.

And, for MLA 2008 and the future, free wireless for attendees will be looked at!  I am greatly looking forward to that, as I have to shell out cash money to connect at the moment.  For some reason, my wireless (even where I can get it free) seems to be on the fritz (operator error, I guarantee), so I will likely be posting evenings only here on out.  Sigh.

The vendor fair/opening reception starts shortly, so I may write more later!


2 responses to “first MLA update

  1. We talked about the composition of the Task Force at the Friday board meeting and Mark is definitely looking for people with experience, although I don’t want to mention names until he’s asked people. Your name came up, by the way, but of course he doesn’t know how to contact you. You might want to send him a message.

  2. Wow–that is amazingly flattering. I may do that! By the way, I stopped by the Bearded Pigs and really enjoyed it!!

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