bibliometrics – mapping the literature

My thought processes seem pretty much non-existent recently, so I haven’t had much to write about. Most of my time has been spent gardening (finally) and thinking about how creepy laryngoscopes are, as I have been working my way through the first season of ER.

Anyway, I thought I would turn my installment today to one of my favorite topics, bibliometrics. I am quite interested in bibliometrics, and I take it other medical librarians are likewise, as there are a plethora of “Mapping the Literature of” and other bibliometric studies published in JMLA what seems like every month. I, for one, am not complaining–I read practically all of them. (How about anyone else? Do you like seeing these in JMLA?) For the uninitiated, these studies are helpful for collection development purposes, as they all list core journals for a field. The Mapping protocol studies also can advise on what databases cover a particular field the best.

As someone interested in bibliometrics/journal studies, I have found it difficult to locate all the relevant studies in the Mapping the Literature of Nursing and Mapping the Literature of Allied Health series, so I’ve decided to compile a list below, both for my general use and anyone else’s.

The two Mapping sets are interesting to look at and compare; I may come back to that in the future, but I will note that they all look at between 1 and 5 source journals (the original protocol called for 3), and a large number of them found their source journal(s) as the top cited journal(s).

Mapping the Literature of Allied Health

An annotated list of all Allied Health mapping projects, beginning with 1997’s first installment. Lists most recently articles from 2007. Allied Health fields covered to present include:

Mapping the Literature of Nursing

A non-annotated list of publications with links to full text from the official Mapping the Literature of Nursing study. So far, the project has covered:

Studies Using the Mapping the Literature Protocols

Other Studies Worth Mentioning (exceedingly selective list–all from JMLA or BMLA)


2 responses to “bibliometrics – mapping the literature

  1. I’m SO digging the literature maps. I’ve browsed them before, but now I’m doing collection development so I must actually READ. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. In library school, I did an independent study on bibliometrics (I still have all the printouts of articles I had to review), AND I did my thesis using bibliometric methods to analyze academic medical libraries. I, too, like to read the mapping articles, even though I’m not involved in collection development. I like viewing overviews of fields and ideas.

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