I saw the announcement of Springshare’s LibGuides and LibMarks via the Friends blog, and I was obviously interested.

For those of you who haven’t run across this yet, Springshare has developed library-oriented social networking and social bookmarking tools designed to put users in contact with librarians and provide just in time support for library tools.  LibGuides is also integrated with Facebook, meaning users could potentially access library materials, including the OPAC, from within Facebook.  And since we know that students in particular use Facebook incessantly, this could be extremely useful for outreach.

I’ve already been given a demo username and password, so I will be testing it out in days to come.  From the extensive demos on the site, it appears slick, easy to use, and dead useful.  Has anyone else tried it out?  What does everyone else think?


4 responses to “Springshare

  1. I saw that yesterday too, it looks very cool. I haven’t tried it yet, and I wonder how it handles links to proprietary databases, journals, etc. I hope you report your findings to your blog!! (That was a very subtle hint.)

    But yes, it looks hyper-cool and, depending on how much freedom you have with your subject guides or pages, “dead useful.”

  2. I will try! 🙂

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