google health – without librarians (who here is surprised?)

Google has established a new health advisory group–not a librarian amongst them.  It seems to me that the MLA should have something to say about this, especially after the Google Co-op project (link to MLA members-only area).  I find this particularly notable in light of Dean Giustini’s recent post calling for Google to involve health librarians in creating health products.

I have a lot to say about this, but I think I’m going to save it until tomorrow.  For now, I need some time to think and digest, so that I can present what I am saying with fewer typos and errors than in the last few posts I’ve made…sorry, Dean).


4 responses to “google health – without librarians (who here is surprised?)

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  2. Not surprised, but Google should be ashamed. So far, they’ve managed to annoy docs, nurses, and medlibs with their roster. No good.

  3. There are no nurses, nurse practitioners either. Lots of MDs, though. Is Google backing the AMA dislike of mid-level practitioners, then?
    One has to wonder….

  4. Theresa–I agree–it seems like a really bad start for Google. There are MORE allied health professionals out there than physicians, so their lack of representation on this board is pretty appalling.

    It seemed to me that there were way too many administrators on there, but that does make sense for ScrapBook, I suppose–making the Google EMR.

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