another new blog that may be of note

It’s too soon to say, but I probably should have mentioned that the MLA Task Force on Social Networking Software has a new blog, and that the members have begun posting.   I have to admit to being taken aback by their post today, a link to and small comment on Walt Crawford’s article, “Security, Naïveté, and the Limits of Pseudonymity,” in which he argues that people who blog under a psuedonym (i.e., me) are not being realistic that they won’t get caught out.  If he can figure out who the Annoyed Librarian is, more power to him!  I’ve seen nary a clue.  


3 responses to “another new blog that may be of note

  1. Pseudonymity can be preserved… but the longer you blog, the more clues you leave. AL never breaks character, but that requires a particular type of discipline. Walt’s post is just a reminder that if you’re going to go that route, you need to pay particular attention to everything that you say.

  2. What Tom just said. You can certainly remain pseudonymous–but I’ve seen enough cases of unintentional self-identification for it to make a good column (which I didn’t realize was online).

    As for AL…well, I’ll never tell.

  3. This is the problem with blogging before you have dinner–you write stupid stuff you only half mean in your rush to get to life-giving food. 🙂 I thought it was a very good article–the Annoyed Librarian is just a master at not giving hints. I mostly just thought it was an interesting way to get that blog started–I think it’s going to be a good one!

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