MLA 2008-Connections: Bridging the Gaps

Well, it seems like a millennium since I wrote anything here.

Other medical library bloggers have pointed to this already, but it bears repeating.  The MLA 2008 conference web site is up, and the call for papers is out along with Section Program themes (though not yet the descriptions).

As always, there is a wide range of themes, from the highly specific to the very general.  Ones that I found particularly interesting are:

  • Libraries Applying Web 2.0 to Clinical Practice and Teaching (including Evidence-based Medicine) (Dental Section, primary sponsor)
  • Evidence Base: Web 2.0 for Professional and Clinical Productivity (Dental Section, primary sponsor)
  • Bridging the Gap with Web 2.0/3.0: Connecting with Our Community and Ourselves (Educational Technologies and Media Section, primary sponsor)
  • Interconnections: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Medical History (History of the Health Sciences Section, primary sponsor)
  • Top Technology Trends: Bridge Today, Gone Tomorrow (Medical Informatics Section, primary sponsor)
  • Technologies in Teaching (Medical Informatics Section, primary sponsor)
  • The Role of Health Sciences Librarians in Educating Health Care Practitioners about Web 2.0 Technologies and Their Uses for Professional Practice (Public Health/Health Administration Section, primary sponsor)

Some of the ones that are not up my alley but are nevertheless interesting:

  • Connecting/Bridging: Using Libraries to Serve as a Platform to Serve Individuals in Understanding Zoonotic Diseases (Diseases Transmissible between Animals and Humans) (Veterinary Medical Libraries Section, primary sponsor)
  • Connecting the Dots: Strategies for Building A Portable Career (Networking, Professional Development, Leadership, Career Building, Career Reinvention, Mentoring) and Speed Mentoring (Leadership and Management Section, primary sponsor)

So anyway, the due date for papers and abstracts is November 5.  I really hope that the space alloted for posters this year is more like in Phoenix than Philadelphia–basically, it was impossible to get into any of the poster rooms unless you were very into mosh pit-like action.  Actually stopping at a poster was darn near impossible.  And, let’s also hope that enough chairs are alloted for technology-themed programs.  Last year, most of the technology ones (which I admit I did not attend) were standing room only.

Though the full schedule isn’t up yet, I have it on good authority that there will be a plenary session on Library 2.0 on the final day of the conference, with one or more panels of medical library technology fans–should be a good time.  Hope to see you there!

(Oh, and one more thing–the MLA 2008 blog is already up and running.  One of the authors, Deb Werner, had a presentation at MLA 2007 that I enjoyed.)


2 responses to “MLA 2008-Connections: Bridging the Gaps

  1. Yes, but did you look up the answer to Deb’s question? I did and learned some fascinating trivia about Chicago’s bridges.

    The NPC is working hard to make this a great meeting in every way, and we welcome suggestions from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Later next spring we’ll want to talk to those planning to blog the meeting … stay tuned for that.

    And yes, there should be more poster space this year. That’s a function of the hotel, and I’m glad the Hyatt allows us this flexibility.

  2. I didn’t look it up, I confess.

    I’m glad to hear about the poster sessions, and I am really looking forward to the meeting!

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