new blogs of note

Even though David Rothman has probably sent these blogs about eight thousand times more traffic than I could ever send them, I do want to throw my hat in to the recommenders’ ring for:

  • Jane Blumenthal’s blog, Health, Science, & Libraries – Jane’s blog is of course not new, but she scared us all with a threat of quitting blogging.  I for one am very glad she’s back!
  • Mark Rabnett’s blog, Shelved in the W’s – Frankly, though I thought this blog was pretty great from day one, the post “Barriers to Best Practice” made me a devotee.  In said post, Mark describes trying to hunt down what is very important public health information–the safety/efficacy of using Saran Wrap as a barrier for safe oral sex.  It’s an incredibly interesting look at a search strategy that can’t possibly be done using traditional searching methods alone.  The only thing I would have tried that he didn’t would have been looking in plastics databases (maybe Scopus or Chem Abstracts?) for data on permeability.  I really liked this post because it brought back fond memories in addition to being informative and well-written.  One of my favorite searches ever was a whole series of searches that I had to do on the relative risk of contracting HIV by doing a number of different sex practices, some of which were not exactly commonly described in MEDLINE.
  • What Interests Me – A very new medical librarian blog by a woman who is clearly a medical librarian extraordinaire.  Her post on hedges is particularly interesting–does anyone use hedges?  I have an expert search tag set on where I collect ones that I find, but as to actually using them…well, I admit I haven’t in ages.  Though I used to when I did a lot of public health searches, mostly because it was necessary–no MeSH that was good enough.  She also thinks a lot about serendipity, a topic that I also spend a great deal of time dwelling on.
  • Learn to Live – Another very new blog, this one discussing primarily patient education, health literacy, and related topics.  She has a number of great posts, plus has pulled together several resource lists that may be valuable–one on multilingual health resources (see the side bar) and one on surgery videos.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


4 responses to “new blogs of note

  1. I didn’t threaten, I quit. I just didn’t stay quit. 🙂

    The blogging addiction quiz tells me I’m only 80% addicted to blogging, so I can quit any time I want, right?

    Any way, thanks for the nice mention and “welcome back.

  2. True. 🙂

    I was only 66% addicted to blogging, but any percent addiction is addiction, right?

  3. I’m so glad you liked my post on plastic wrap. That search was a real stumper, and I haven’t been able to find anything else of much use since I wrote it.

    I did actually extend the search to Scopus and Web of Science, but came up empty. I’m now expecting a request any day now from the same client to do a search on Internet cruising amongst MSM. Should be interesting.

    Love your blog.

  4. Very interesting indeed! Keep us posted. 🙂

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