new ovid version

I saw a preview of the new Ovid last spring or maybe even last fall, but now a date for the release is actually up: October 25. I’ve pasted most of the text of the announcement from Ovid that I got via email (I can’t find this announcement on the Ovid site, but since an Ovid rep told me at MLA that the new version was going to be out in October, I am guessing this announcement went to more than my library).  I put the stuff I really am looking forward to in bold.

Things to note about the new version: RSS feeds, relevancy ranking, and (my favorite bit of the demo I saw) AJAX.  Instead of having summary view and abstract view, now you’ll be able to see an abstract expand within the summary results.  (Just like Scopus already has been doing for months).  The “new, clean” interface is designed to appeal to the Google user–but may not appeal to us librarian-types.  I will reserve further judgment until I see the final product!

Enhanced Features and Functionality
OvidSP will retain all the powerful precision search and discovery functionality—including thesauri, subject headings, term mapping, limits, and more—of Ovid Gateway, with some significant enhancements:

* Clean, intuitive interface – In addition to a new look, new functionality will support free text, natural language searching; simultaneous searching across all databases, journals, and books; and results ranked by relevancy.
* Multiple search modes – OvidSP is geared to all types of searchers—from beginners to the more advanced. In an easy-to-use tabular format, they can choose their preferred search style: Basic, Find Citation, Subject Search, Search Fields, or Ovid “Classic,” which employs traditional Gateway syntax.
* Improved research workflow tools – Enhanced Search Aids deliver search transparency and other features to narrow or broaden your search. Look for improved Alerting tools such as RSS feeds and eTOCS. Abstracts are now easily accessible in line; plus, now you can annotate your search results!

Helping you transition
As we get closer to October 25th, you’ll receive weekly communications with more details on specific features and functionality. Next week, we’re planning to announce the OvidSP Resource Center, where you can find information on training sessions, tips on using the interface, images and screen shots, and marketing materials to help you build end user awareness and excitement.

“The new interface is a big step forward”
Early feedback indicates that OvidSP is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful precision search and discovery platform. We’re confident you’ll feel the same.


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