People ask me all the time where the name Ratcatcher comes from (apparently, it is a weird handle for a chick).  My answer is always two-fold.  One: I think I got it from Romeo & Juliet.  Two: It’s been my handle online since my days of playing LORD in the early 1990’s via my local BBS.

So, today after someone asked my about my name, I got to feeling nostalgic about LORD, so I did a Google search for it and came up with enough to make me even more nostalgic.  I found Nuklear LORD, which hosts multiple online games at once (not via a BBS anymore), right away, and then I saw the list of penalized players and of course had to read the rules.  It’s amazing how many rules there are for playing LORD–but after being in many a cutthroat LORD game where players exploited every bug they could to get ahead and amass the most gold, kills, and etc. (you players out there know what I mean), I can see why a site that is trying to host fair games would enforce the rules.  I used to play at an online site in 1999 or 2000 with a guy who knew every trick in the book, and he would sit at the top of the charts for ages until he got bored and decided to hurry up and kill the dragon.  Since I used to spend hours at the reference desk using the primitive chat built into LORD talking to him, I didn’t mind so much (and he let me in on some cheats), but a lot of the other players did.

For a while, the members of my household (aka my and the sig other) even had our own local version of LORD installed, where we would duel it out with one another–that just goes to show you how geeky my life is.  🙂  Maybe one of these days I’ll try to get in a game at Nuklear LORD.

Anyway, this post is completely off the medical library/social software/bibliometric theme I tried to establish on this blog, but once in a while one has to indulge one’s reminiscences.  And to try to get other people to see the glory that is playing LORD.


One response to “nostalgia

  1. Although I never played LORD, I do look back nostalgically on my days of pencil-and-paper roleplaying. Ah, D&D. One of these days, I will play again!

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