mla 2008 – coming soon to a theatre near you (or to chicago)

I’m rather glad that MLA is hiring bloggers to cover MLA because this year I already have about forty times the number of commitments as last year, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend typing. (I am obviously not going to be an official blogger as I didn’t really cherish the idea of applying for it and revealing my name, and since I already have wireless all taken care of, that wasn’t really an incentive.) This year, I will in fact have a cell phone with an unlimited data plan, so I will likely be twittering like crazy instead. Whether I choose to twitter as Ratcatcher or not…well, we’ll see.

For those twitterers going to MLA, make sure you follow mla2008. You can send mla2008 a direct message, and it will get redistributed to the group using GroupTweet.

Stuff at MLA I’m looking forward to (besides the Ovid party…):

Some posters:

Really, there’s too much to link to right now.


3 responses to “mla 2008 – coming soon to a theatre near you (or to chicago)

  1. Brandi Tuttle

    Hey, I’ve heard great things about the PubMed & EBM training poster…. 🙂

    I also was very interested in the liaison CE. I’ll be interested to hear what you learn in that course!

  2. Hmm…why haven’t I gotten an invation to the Ovid party?

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