MLA 2008 – wireless – sigh

Well, though I knew that paying for wireless at MLA 2008 would be restricted to the public areas of the hotel and my room, I wasn’t wholly aware that the public areas would be quite so far away from the meeting rooms.  Or that there wouldn’t be any cell phone coverage that my phone could pick up in the conference rooms.  We’re two levels underground.  This is insanely frustrating.  Especially since the meeting is “green,” meaning we’re expected to check the blog for updates and check the white board for changes.  I kind of wish a page had been taken out of SXSW’s book and that there was a huge monitor with twitter streams and etc.  Or that there was, I don’t know, WIRELESS IN THE CONFERENCE ROOMS for more of us than just the 10 official bloggers.  What about those of use with a serious internet addiction?  Okay, yes, I am in withdrawl!  🙂


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