MLA 2008 – conference blogging experiment pays off

Though I rather wonder if the MLA hadn’t had official conference bloggers if the same outpouring of blog coverage would have occurred, I think that the NPC can still count the conference blogging experiment as an unqualified success.  The posts, whether David’s wonderful video posts or the image-laden and content rich posts many others are putting online, are giving attendees and non-attendees alike a great impression of what’s going on here at MLA.

I haven’t seen too many in-depth posts covering the speeches and presentations from yesterday (but I haven’t looked much, either…), so I look forward to seeing that kind of coverage at some point, but we already are seeing photos of Mark’s fabulous speech (he did it again, that’s for sure) up on Flickr and Facebook, and we’re also seeing a lot of Twitter coverage of the event both to the MLA 2008 stream and by individuals.  The Task Force members in particular are showing their technology stuff by posting pictures, live-blogging and Twittering, and more.

I’ll link up some of the bits where there should obviously be links later today!


2 responses to “MLA 2008 – conference blogging experiment pays off

  1. At the Board of Directors post-meeting meeting on Wednesday, we were all pretty delighted with how the experiment went. There’ll be more & better next year for sure…

  2. The NPC was very pleased as well. We, as well as the bloggers, recognized the limitations of the access we could provide but felt it was a step in the right direction. It’s good to hear it described as a success, because that helps build momentum to continue to improve and facilitate this at future meetings.

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