MLA 2008 wrap-up

Instead of doing real work, I am going to do some blogging. Why is this, that after numerous months of not blogging, basically, that I feel inspired to blog again? Well, I must say that it is because at dinner last night, one of my friend’s friends made comments prefaced with “I don’t mean to be insulting, but” every single time she asked about my job, the conference, and my blog. And after explaining what I did in fact previously blog about, she said something to the effect of, “Well, that’s what I thought you must blog about. That’s why I don’t blog, so I am not a total nerd.” Not that I am not proud of the fact that complete strangers identify me as a nerd or anything, but it did make me realize that I really didn’t even remember what it is that I blog about. So, I will return to my roots and blog about MLA.

I think that the fact that MLA’s technology and connection-themed conference wasn’t wired was fairly well covered, by me and by practically anyone else under the sun who wanted to actually connect with people, so I won’t go there again. And this post does a pretty good job of pulling lots of stuff about the conference together. What can I add? I’ve pulled together a set of some of the presentation slides and embedded them below. Sure, you could go to Slideshare and look for these yourself, but why bother when I’ve done it for you?

Second Life for Engagement, Outreach, and Building Interdisciplinary Communities of Learning (Patricia Anderson)

Efficiencies of Scale and Empowerment: Consumer Health Website Design Using Social Technologies (Patricia Anderson)

Twitter for Health (Patricia Anderson)

Blogs, Wikis, and What You Can Do With Them (Amanda Etches-Johnson)

Cross-Country Connections: Implementing Learning 2.0 in a Multistate Medical Library System (Melissa Rethlefsen)

RSS/Social Bookmarking – Addicting Like Caffeine – Web 2.0 Plenary (Melissa Rethlefsen)

Practicality vs Theory (Ivonne Martinez)

If you come across more, let me know. I hope to add others as they are added to Slideshare or elsewhere!

[edited to reflect the titles and lead author of the presentations I posted]


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