Ebling RSS slideshow

One of the darlings (imho) of the MLA 2008 conference was the Ebling Library’s RSS service. There was a poster and one paper from Ebling on RSS, plus it was mentioned in practically everyone else’s presentations when they talked about RSS and libraries–for very good reason.

You can see the slides from the paper, presented at Public Health/Health Administration Section’s “The Role of Health Sciences Librarians in Applying Web 2.0 Technologies and Their Uses in Clinical and Public Health Practice and Instruction” program. The paper itself was called “Connecting Content to Readers: Marketing RSS as an Information Management Tool,” and sadly, I missed this session. The paper was presented by Erika Sevetson. In any case, here are the slides in Slideshare (below) and as a PDF (images look better).


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  2. I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. I think your site looks great.

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